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CAD CAM Creation


What does the abbreviation CAD CAM actually mean?

It is a commonly used abbreviation for Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture.
The system we utilise is specifically designed to give optimal translation from a rough sketch, idea or picture that you may have in mind. Then, using the latest in computer aided design technology, we are able to present too you a realistic image to view before the piece is made.

Once you feel you are satisfied with the design we start the next process, the computer aided manufacture, in other words, we create a wax model pattern prior to casting the item that you require us to make.

The result of this ensures that we can get the vision you have for your piece correct before beginning to create your item. This way we can be sure that your design will be just as you want it to be.

Once the wax has been cast the process moves forward to the more traditional skill of jewellery creation.This involves the cast to be cleaned by hand, to make sure the piece is fit for setting and polishing. Our highly skilled craftsmen carry out this procedure in our Hatton Garden Workshop.

CAD Software

The CAD software that we use is the latest and most powerful copy of Matrix available, providing us with the best tools available in and around the industry.

CAM Process

The CAM setup that we use is a REVO Mill and a Solid Scape T66. Utilising these two types of system hardware affords us a large amount of flexibility, enabling us to get the best possible wax prototype for the project in hand.

Solidscape T66

The SOLIDSCAPE T66 prints the wax, similiar to an inkjet printer, allowing for semi hollow items, fancy back holes in rings and many other unique features that a particular project may require.

Revo Mill

The REVO Mill machine mills from a solid block of wax giving us the best finish possible for a wax prototype.

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